Thursday, July 3, 2008

502 seminars

Hey there Internet:

Mark your calendars: on November the 12th, 2008, I will stand in front of a jury of my peers (or worse, my professors) for my 502 seminar.

The seminar is a requirement for our department's PhD program (I think it's a quite common part of other schools, too); it's a 45 minute presentation on an area of research outside of your own, followed by 15 minutes of grilling from anyone who is interested enough to attend.

I am really excited to start preparing for it (and, um, just a titch nervous), but there's only one problem: I haven't picked my topic yet! I have to do some digging to see what sort of literature is out there that tickles my fancy, but here are some topics that I am curious about:

Anyone have any cool suggestions? Topics involving quantum dots probably won't fly as they're a little too close to home.

Talk to you later,
Joel Smelly Kelly


Jons said...

The self-healing polymers sounds cool to me. It just sounds so marvel universe.

Will said...

Fun. I did my equivalent of this about 3 months ago. I actually enjoyed it a lot; gives you a chance to get really deep into something you wouldn't have normally.

I went way off course and delved into viruses/AFM/electrochemistry.

I agree with Jons; that's always what it reminds me of.