Friday, January 30, 2009

fire in the lab!

Ah! Giant fire in the lab across from us!

Okay, that photo isn't actually our fire. But our fire was pretty big, in my unbiased opinion. A benzene still caught fire (still unsure over the exact cause, but an old still plus maybe some water is a likely culprit). Our lab came in to the sights of flames licking at the ceiling.

We grabbed the fire extinguisher and put it out (apparently this isn't the greatest idea, as you can blow the fire onto other flammable sources such as other stills) and pulled the alarm.

Everything is okay now, other than a huge pile of extinguisher poop. Whew!


Will said...

Wow, scary stuff. I take it no injuries?

kerry said...

WOAH! That's intense. I liked the visuals, drove home the scariness.

Joel Kelly said...

Luckily, everyone was okay. Some times I forget the lab is incredibly dangerous. I'm glad it didn't take an injury or worse to remind me.