Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lecture "Gig posters"

As a lover of both science and music concerts, I am desperately in love with this series of posters put out by UNC's Biology Department for visiting scientists.

They're printed by Chapel Hill screenprinters The Merch. I would totally put that on my wall!

(via BoingBoing)


katiedid said...

That's funny because just the other day I was thinking about lecture posters as show posters. I went to a really interesting seminar last week and was trying to decide if stealing one of the posters afterward to put on my wall was worth it. I decided they weren't cool enough. The ones you posted definitely are! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow nice; they should definitely do that here. But I would probably steal them.

Joel Kelly said...

Stealing them is totally the point! At some concerts I go to, they have posters for sale that are printed onto heavy stock, numbered and signed, suitable for framing. George Whitesides is giving an invited lecture at the next CSC conference (in Ontario). I would totally spend $15 to commerate that!