Sunday, February 15, 2009

yikes, i'm wordy

Sorry to anyone who now has an RSS feed full of fluxmaster. I realize that I desperately need to implement a expandable post summary (also known as "below the cut" or "below the fold") function on these thousand word essays of dorkiness.

I've seen this post on Blogger help, but I can't seem to get my template to jive with their turkeys. Has anyone out there had some luck doing this and wouldn't mind passing along their tips for success? Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Nooo! Despite having ~150+ RSS subscriptions, I'm fully in favor of full text RSS entries.

The last couple entries that popped into my reader from you had nothing but the title.

I unfortunately can't help you out with Blogger software one way or the other.

Joel Kelly said...

That's weird. Somehow the feed had gotten reset. Do you mind checking to see if it has been corrected?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, it has been corrected.

Joel Kelly said...

Will is now infiniflux's official tech support.