Monday, March 16, 2009

the chemistry of cheese

Update (3/17/09): it turns out that I am completely unoriginal. Also that Mitch from the Chem Blog apparently is an even bigger dork, because he's posted a whole 'nother 19 pick up lines as well. I beg poorly thought out ignorance for the lack of recognition?

Here's a golden pickup line to try on a chemist:

"If I were a chemist, I would rearrange the periodic table to put Uranium and Iodine together!"

Note: if it does work and you wind up falling in love and having children, all I ask for is that you give them the middle name "Feynman."


Mitch said...

lol, did you swipe this from Chemistry-Blog without a backlink?

Joel Kelly said...

Yikes! I totally remember that post too!

I actually found it on a poster at school from a student running for election on a science student group.

I'll update the post with a backlink.