Thursday, December 2, 2010

science jokes ahoy!

Boingboing is having an open thread for science jokes, and there are some awesome groaners already:

A malacologist was chilling at home drinking a beer and watching Adventure Time. There was a knock at his door & he irritatedly stood to answer it.

On his porch was a haplotrema vancouverense. "Can I borrow your phone?" Piped up the snail.

"Fuck no." Said the scientist, kicking the snail off his porch.

TWO YEARS later the scientist was at home chilling out, drinking a beer and watching Regular Show. There was a knock at his door.

It was the very same haplotrema."What the fuck was that about?"


kerry said...

I can't even begin to find that funny since I have no idea what those science-y words mean.

Bethany said...

is it funny because the snail is slow?