Thursday, March 5, 2009

reblogging, this time from mitch et. al

Azmanam over at Chem Blog[1] deserves the gold star of science for their ongoing series of organic chemistry demos. Azmanam picks demos that are visually awesome, easy and quick to do, and in general fairly safe.

This week it's the reduction of a silver(I) complex to form colloidal silver coating a round-bottom flask. Which is totally how mirrors used to be made. I am so using this for Christmas presents!

Azmanam, your name is crazy, but your posts are spiffy. Keep up the great work!

[1] For serious, having 2 blogs named "Chem Blog" (from Mitch Garcia and the blogger emeritus Kyle Finchsigmate is a lil' too confusing. And the names are both drier than an unpacked column. Blog war, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a great series.

One is Chemistry Blog, the other is Chem Blog, how can you not see the difference?! Haha, yeah, they could use some work.

On the other hand, their audiences are each about 100x both of ours put together...

azmanam said...

Thanks for the mention and kind words. Azmanam is a mashup of my full name :)

Spring break next week, but stay tuned for home-made breathylizers!

Joel Kelly said...

@azmanam: for a second there I thought it was in homage to azamat from borat.

@big_willy: In retrospect, they probably get a *ton* of search-directed topic, on top of being both really well established in their content and readership. Not too many folks are randomly search for 'infiniflux.' Maybe I will rename to 'LOLCATZ chemistry blog'?

Mitch said...

carbon Based Curiosities has the LOLCAT chemistry blog niche filled. Since thechemblog is shutting down its doors, your confusion will be short lived. :)