Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sup peeps! I'm at a friggin' synchrotron!

No. not that kind of tron. But it's great to be back!

It's 2 AM, we're trying to process as many samples as we can, and I have consumed about 6 cans of energy drink beverage and 10 turkey pepperoni sticks. I do what I have to get by, what can I say.

If there's a little down time, I may wander around and take some pictures. Holla.


Anonymous said...

Oo, awesome! Which one?

Joel Kelly said...

The Canadian Light Source, which is in the middle of the Canadian prairies.

It's a 2.9 GeV ring with some great beamlines for soft X-rays, which is what we're using.

Current weather outside: -28°C. Yikes!

bb said...

if i made you a suit like that guy is weairing in the photo, would you wear it?

Joel Kelly said...

would you watch tron with me? beware: it's like star wars inside a computer!