Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i just hooked up my NMR to tweet its pulse sequence, anyone wanna follow?

Hey internet, I just recently joined the twitoblogosphereatron. You can follow me, if that's what you're into?

Twitter seems mostly good for an enjoyable distraction during departmental seminars. No earth-shaking science has happened... yet.

You may also be interested in tweets from other chemistry bloggers, including: Psi*psi and excimer from CBC and zany Will from that zany blog Will and Beyond. Anyone else worth following that I've missed?


Anonymous said...

Damn tricky misleading titles... that would be unreasonably exciting.

Joel Kelly said...

Heh, sounds like a project for the Infiniflux and Beyond super secret research labs. Other possibilities: a still that tweets when its about to boil dry? An automatic grant generator based on keywords from Mitch's blog?