Friday, March 5, 2010

dan nocera, chemist and enterprising businessperson

I've made several posts in the past about MIT's Dan Nocera,(here, here, here and here) who has generated quite a bit of buzz with his cobalt phosphate water-splitting catalyst recently published in Science.

He's taken the next step, and launched a company around the catalyst called, wait for it... Sun Catalytix. Bleh, while I hope Nocera can help us figure out our huge energy problems, that company name needs to die an ungraceful death, stat.[1] Scientists are always crappy at naming things (present company excluded).

He's gotten $4 million from a new US agency also with a shitty name, ARPA-A. Whooopeee, let's hope he can put it to good use.

Also, appropos of nothing, this is me in LOLcat form:

[1] I graciously offer the name of Infiniflux to Nocera's company, and any nano/energy startup that is willing to pay me in stock options and a lifetime supply of RedBull. Actually, I'd be willing to settle for just the energy drinks. I am not ashamed to admit.

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